JNE Kupang Story: Cleaning Oesapa Beach with Vocational School Students


Collaborating with the new students of SMK 4 Kupang during their Orientation Program (Masa Pengenalan Lingkungan Sekolah or MPLS), the main branch of JNE in Kupang conducted a beach cleaning activity at Oesapa Beach.

Oesapa Beach in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), is a favorite tourist destination for residents of Kupang and its surrounding areas. The beach, with its crystal-clear blue waters and long stretch of white sand, is always bustling with visitors, especially on weekends.

However, the influx of visitors to the beach has brought about a new challenge - the issue of waste. Recognizing this, JNE recently organized a beach cleaning activity to ensure the beach remains well-maintained and comfortable for visitors. JNE collaborated with hundreds of students from SMK 4 Kupang, accompanied by 15 of their teachers.

Armed with bags and other equipment, used plastic bottles and other waste were promptly collected. The collected waste was then placed into bags and subsequently transported to an official waste disposal site.

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The high number of visitors often leads to Oesapa Beach being littered with trash.

Fuad Rofiq, the Head of Sales Marketing at JNE Kupang, along with 10 other JNE employees, personally participated in this activity. He expressed his joy at being able to contribute to the cleaning of Oesapa Beach.

"Despite the scorching hot weather, we, along with our colleagues and hundreds of SMK 4 Kupang students, remained enthusiastic in cleaning the beachfront from scattered debris," Fuad stated to JNEWS on Wednesday, August 9, 2023.

Prior to the activity, JNE Kupang provided education and information about JNE's services, as well as emphasized the importance of environmental care and cleanliness.

"With this activity, we hope that Oesapa Beach will gain more recognition and become a primary tourist destination in Kupang. With the maintained cleanliness, visitors will feel comfortable and happy during their recreation," Fuad emphasized.

As additional information, JNE had previously collaborated with SMK 4 Kupang, where their students underwent internships and also partnered in shipping woven goods to Sumba and Flores. *

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