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Illustrasi oleh Tabspace

What they said about us

"Thank you JNE, for your contribution to social activities in Indonesia. I hope that JNE can serve as an inspiration for other companies to continue their contributions for Indonesia."

Andy F. Noya - Founder

"JNE possesses broad coverage and has aided our Merchants in selling their products across the entirety of Indonesia. We extend our gratitude to JNE for their support in enabling our Merchants to grow with commendable logistic performance."

Mutia Imro Atussoleha - Head of Logistics Bukalapak

Collaborating with JNE is an honor for me. A company that has been established for 33 years strengthens my resolve to achieve my aspirations as a world-class fashion designer, in alignment with JNE's vision to attain international standards. Keep spirit, JNE!

Ivan Gunawan - Fashion Designer

"No economic theory textbook explicitly states that SHARING, GIVING, and PROVIDING ASSISTANCE are the keys to a company's success in enduring for decades and leading in its industry. Nevertheless, this is precisely what JNE has proven. It is not merely about accumulating profits, but also about disseminating happiness, enabling resurgence, standing tall, and growing together."

Maman Suherman - Penulis/Pegiat Literasi

"We chose JNE because it stands as the largest expedition company in Indonesia, with an extensive network that reaches every corner of the nation. This aligns perfectly with our mission to make Realdood products accessible to every stratum of Indonesian society."

Wiwik Sri Wilujeng - Marketing Director Realfood

"Thank you JNE, for supporting TDA members in their business development. We hope that the collaboration with the TDA community will proceed smoothly and be sustainable."

Ibrahim M. Bafaghih - TDA President 7.0

"JNE has provided excellent and affordable logistics services to hundreds of millions of our users, spread across 99% of the districts in Indonesia."

Edwin Mailoa - VP of Logistics Tokopedia

Appreciation for our loyal customer

Thank you for trusting us to delivering and spreading happiness.

Thank you for trusting us to delivering and spreading happiness.

Corporate Value Partner

Tab Space is a supported studio in Bandung that produces works by talented disabled artists. 

JNE and Tab Space are working together to spread joy through the works of these disabled artist. 

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