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Do all agents or delivery points provide wooden packing and bubble wrap?

Yes, but it depends on the availability of wooden packing and bubble wrap at each agent.

How much does bubble wrap cost?

For JNE Representative Office, it is free of charge. For JNE agent, it depends on the agent's policy; you can come and ask personally the agent or contact customer service for information.

What if my goods are damaged even if I have used wooden packing from JNE?

Damage to goods can be confirmed to Customer Service for Claim. Compensation shall follow the provisions of claim and insurance prevailing and stated in SPP

Can COD payment made via QRIS/ transfer/digital payment?

Yes. It follows COD payment process by Recipient in Inbound provisions (please coordinate with NIDD team)

How to request pick up?

Request for Pick Up can be made through JNE customer service 

What time can JNE pick up?

At customer's request, our operation time is 24/7

Apa yang membedakan servis JTR dengan servis JNE lainnya seperti YES, REG, dan lain-lain?

JTR dalam proses pengirimannya melalui jalur darat dan laut (truk/kapal laut) bukan melalui udara (pesawat).

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