Privacy and Security Policy

The following are the policies and practices carried out by PT. Tiki Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir ("JNE") to show JNE's commitment to safeguarding and maintaining the privacy and security of Customer information ("Personal Data") when Customers transact at JNE Stores, using the JNE Site and the JNE Loyalty Card (JLC) Site and applications mobile JNE (MyJNE).

1. Privacy Policy
JNE will not trade, exchange, show, or submit to the general public and any party any information relating to Customers who transact at JNE Stores, using the JNE Site and the JLC Site and the MyJNE application except for disclosing information for certain circumstances for law enforcement purposes or for purposes of law enforcement. Fulfillment of the obligations of law enforcement officers or authorized state administrators and/or applicable laws, including in the event of a dispute or legal process between the Customer and JNE, or suspected criminal acts such as fraud and theft.

All customer transaction information at JNE Stores, JNE Sites, JLC Sites, and MyJNE applications will be protected and kept confidential in accordance with applicable legal provisions in Indonesia as well as JNE internal policies.

2. JNE Customer Service

  • JNE outlets, locations where customers make their package delivery transactions.
  • JNE Site, by accessing the JNE Site Customers can enjoy the Track Shipment features, Shipment Rates, and JNE Service Points.
  • Mobile JNE, by using the MyJNE application customers can enjoy the features of Check Shipments, Check Rates, MyJOB, JNE Nearby, My Shipment, Credit / Data, Electricity Tokens, Digital Wallets, Electricity, PDAM, BPJS Health, Postpaid Credit, Telkom, and Cable TV.
  • JLC site, by accessing a special page JNE loyal customers can find out their transactions while using delivery services at JNE and the rewards are given.

3. Security of JNE outlets

  • Package delivery transactions at JNE outlets require the following information:
                          i. Sender's Full Name and Recipient's Full Name
                         ii. Sender's Complete Address and Recipient's Complete Address
                        iii. Sender's Phone Number and Recipient's Phone Number
  • This information is needed so that the package delivery process can be sent quickly and accurately in accordance with the information provided to JNE.
  • Customer information will be stored by JNE as data if there are things that need to be resolved at a later time, and will be used to help create, develop, operate and improve our products, services, content and advertisements, as well as to prevent loss and fraud as a form. Providing the best service to all customers.

4. Security of the JNE Site

  • To access the features available on the JNE Site, JNE does not require personal data from customers. All JNE customers can use these features without conditions.
  • Access to the JNE website uses 2048 bit Secure Socket Layer (“SSL”) encryption technology to protect communications between the Customer's computer and mobile device to the JNE server as long as the Customer accesses the JNE Site.

5. Security of the JLC Site and MyJNE Application

  • JNE menggJNE uses 2 (two) layers of security systems to protect Customer access to the JLC Site and MyJNE application, namely:
    1. SSL, which is a security technology that "scrambles" the lines of communication between computer and mobile devices so that they cannot be read by other parties.
    2. User ID and password, where the password is only known by the customer himself. JNE cannot find out the password from the customer because all passwords are encrypted so they cannot be read.
  • JNE uses SSL 2048 bit encryption technology to protect communications between the Customer's computer and mobile devices to the JNE server as long as the Customer accesses the JLC Site and the MyJNE application.
  • Apart from being a protection, the e-mail address is also used to send transaction information for JNE customers.
  • JNE requires Customers to provide an e-mail address so that JNE can send information about JLC and MyJNE.
  • To ensure protection of sending JNE information to the customer's e-mail address, please do the following:
    1. So that the Customer can provide a valid e-mail address and not use a fake e-mail address.
    2. Immediately change the Customer's e-mail address on the JLC Site and the MyJNE application if the Customer changes his e-mail address.
    3. If the Customer contacts JNE by e-mail, do not send Customer confidential or sensitive information, including the Customer's password.

6. Collection of Customer Personal Data

  • JNE collects personal data from users for the purpose of processing customer transactions and for other purposes as long as permitted by applicable laws. Customer data collection is carried out through the following methods :
    1. Customers who deliver packages at JNE outlets and fill in personal data (name, address, sender's complete telephone number and recipient's name, address, full telephone number). And the attached personal data is used so that the Customer package delivery process can be carried out and if there is a follow-up need for information on the transaction that occurs
    2. Customers who register on the JLC Site and fill in their personal data (name, email address, cellphone number and the nearest JNE location). And the personal data collected is used as login information and to inform JNE programs and the rewards that will be given for transactions made.
    3. Customers who register on the MyJne application and fill in their personal data (cellphone number and email address) which will be used for login information as well as customer transaction information at JNE.
  • In connection with programming activities that will be carried out by JNE, JNE can submit Customer information to third parties who use and integrate the Application Programming Interface (API) provided by JNE (including but not limited to JNE's business partner service providers) with applications or sites that are available. operated for the purpose of tracking the status of transactions between partners and customers with a valid agreement between JNE and partners.

7. Policy Updates

JNE may at any time make changes or updates to this Privacy Policy. JNE recommends that users read carefully and check this Privacy Policy page from time to time for any changes. By continuing to access and use the Site services and other JNE services, the user is deemed to have agreed to the changes in the Privacy Policy.


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