COD - Shipping Cost Refund COD

To activate COD service, should one become JNE member?

Yes. COD Ongkir only needs to use JLC, for COD Retail one should register for an account through sales counter

If JNE membership is a necessity, how long does it take to use COD service?

For COD Ongkir, as JLC number has been issued it can be used for transaction immediately
For COD Retail after account application has been approved

For customer that deny paying COD, can fee be charged to seller/shipper?

Yes. For COD ongkir, when delivery is to be returned

In which agents can I send with COD ongkir/goods service?

COD Ongkir delivery can be performed at any sales counter, while COD retail can only be sent from sales counter where seller registers and the whole KP (representative office) under the the same branch.

Can COD payment made via QRIS/ transfer/digital payment?

Yes. It follows COD payment process by Recipient in Inbound provisions (please coordinate with NIDD team)

How to liquidate COD fund?

COD Retail is liquidated to Customer 2 business days after package is successfully delivered

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