What are the requirements to be Corporate Customer?

1. Business Entity
2. Submitting fotocopy of corporate document in the form of company's NPWP, Business License (SIUP), Company Registration Number (TDP) and Certificate of Business Domicile that are still valid
3. Potential corporate customer can register online at:
4. Filling in Statement of Account Use: not misusing Corporate Account for JNE retail/agent delivery, and having not cooperated with JNE retail/agent

What if I do not have some of the requirements, such as NPWP?

You can confirm it with JNE sales. For information, contact JNE sales as per marketing area and or you can ask JNE Sales to contact you back by confirming ith JNE Customer service and informing your email, WA number and or telephone number.

What facilities and how much discount I will get from being JNE corporate customer?

The facilities and discount offered to JNE corporate customer vary pursuant to the result of analysis on pontential revenue/forecast customer by JNE corporate sales

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